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This community was designed for the most elite icon makers that Live Journal has to offer. Here at elite_iconists, our accepted members will judge your icon skills based on set criteria, and tell you if you have what it takes to be classified as the best of the best. Elite_iconists is an exclusive community, so not everyone can make the cut. However, our stamped members will do their best to leave you constructive criticism about your icons, in hopes that you will learn and improve from your application.

Here at E_I, our judges will grade upon five icon types: non-animated, animated, wordless, cut-out, special. Within the animated category, you must supply at least one mini-movie icon. The special category must consist of one anime / game / cartoon / comic icon, one nature / inanimate object icon, and one real life person icon. This category allows us to see if you are able to work efficiently in all genres of subjects, which is important to be considered an elite icon maker.

During your application process, our accepted members will grade you using the following ruberic:

1.) creativity [ are your icons fresh and unique, do you come up with your own ideas and styles ]
2.) diversity [ do your icons show your ability to work adequately in every genre and icon type, were you able to supply us with all the required icons in each category ]
3.) continuity [ does everything flow and relate within the icon - such as are you choosing the right fonts and brushes ]
4.) workmanship [ do you know how to properly use the programs - such as knowing what file format to save in, when to use alias, how to cut out or animate ]
5.) difficulty [ do your icons show a certain level of effort, or do they look hastily and easily slapped together ]

creativity + diversity + continuity + workmanship + difficulty / 5 = final score

Our voting system is based on numeral votes from 1-10. An overall grade of 10 means your icons are absolute perfection. These will be given out very rarely. If you recieve a 10, be proud. That means your icons are impeccable.

All scores start at a base of 7. This means you are automatically given a 7 just for applying, and the judge will either mark up or down depending on their grading of your design. The more they mark off, the lower below a 7 the overall score will fall. The more outstanding your icons are, the higher above a 7 the score will rocket. So now you understand that receiving, for example, an overall of 6.5 isn't as bad as you initially thought it to be.

email: here
aim: KlREl
icon journal: icontemplation

email: here
aim: AutumnOuverture
icon journal: icontemplation

email: here
aim: i elite llama
icon journal: whiteout_icon

The current layout, "Pikture Perfeck," was designed by Kirei using Photoshop 7. All images were found by Yuzu through This layout uses divs, and should work well in all browsers and screen resolutions. The matching accepted and rejected stamps for our community can be found here and here.

Mon - 03.21.2005
@ 03:18 am

mood : nervous

this is my second time reapplying. I hope i make in this time. I think I showed major improvement from the last time, but we'll see :)

name: filipinoz_rule
icon journal: i_consent
experience: 2 years
software: paint shop pro 7, animation shop 3, paint, photoshop 7, imageready
reference: i forgot but i remember it was in a layout community
influences: these are people from like the beginning like 2003 when i first started, merky, veggie, flyingteapot.
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4 judges bashing | critique?

Wed - 03.16.2005
@ 05:59 pm
logging:Grade Me Please! :)


Name: Tea
Icon Journal: colorfilter
Experience: About 2-3 months
Software: Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and Image Ready 3.0
Reference: From one of the challenge communities, I can't remember which.
Influences: No one specific, really. I don't browse much iconists' journals.

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8 judges bashing | critique?

Wed - 03.09.2005
@ 02:44 pm
logging:[mod post]

mood : Busy stabbing art commissions

Applicants for grading:

wrongly_amused : here


Sat - 03.05.2005
@ 06:12 pm
logging:Grade me. :-)


*rubs hands* All right, let's try this again.

name: wrongly_amused
icon journal: the_fire_burns
experience: Hmmm...slightly more than half a year.
software: Photoshop 7.0, ImageReady
reference: Tons of iconists on my flist.
influences: blumchen, tiringil, mannequinskin, einmonim, a_hollow_year, chibuni, etc, etc.

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7 judges bashing | critique?

Sun - 02.27.2005
@ 02:14 pm
logging:Grade me


Name: Jenn
icon journal: sugarpixel [in the making]
experience: a bit over a year
software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
reference: saiyuki_awards
influences: enchantee and osakana [not sure if osakana has an LJ, she's over at GJ]

The IconsCollapse )

7 judges bashing | critique?

Tue - 02.22.2005
@ 02:01 pm
logging:[mod post]

mood : sick. Extremely sick. x_x

Applicants for grading:

painstakingly : here
souppy : here
colorfilter : here

Also, for those of you who also make layouts, here's a pimp to a community you might find of interest:

1 judge bashing | critique?

Mon - 02.21.2005
@ 02:30 pm
logging:Re: Smush me! ::smushing sound::

mood : strange

Name: Souppy
Icon journal: (none)
Experience: 'bout half a year playing around in PSP
Software: PS7 & Jasc Animation Shop
Reference: Returning to wreak havoc
Influences: Anyone and everyone. I get inspiration from seeing a well-made icon.

Bwa.Collapse )

4 judges bashing | critique?

Sat - 02.12.2005
@ 02:25 pm
logging:[mod post]

mood : Hiding from the midterms of DOOM

Applicants for grading:

_toxication : here
painstakingly : here


Mon - 02.07.2005
@ 12:43 pm


name: Becca
icon journal: hells_icons
experience: About 1 year... got really into it last August
software: Photoshop 7
reference: oh goodness. I've seen this community everywhere
influences: they're all influences, they've all got new ideas that I've never seen/used.
icons: are right hereCollapse )

5 judges bashing | critique?

Thu - 11.11.2004
@ 07:54 pm
logging:grade me!


name: Lemon
icon journal: jeweledicecream
experience: About two years
software: Used to use Paint Shop Pro 8, but now I use PhotoShop 7 and Animation Shop 3
reference: from elite_25, which I got from shooting__stars
influences: No one specific, but if I see something that appeals to me, it usually ends up working it's way into my icons.

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7 judges bashing | critique?

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